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I gave up asking people what they did last night: “TV” is the universal answer

couch-potatoesAlright junkies, I know you don’t like staring at long strands of motionless stuff, and it’s a struggle for you to analyse the meaning of complex sequences of words.
Now, you want to help yourself and do something meaningful of this little time given to you on this planet? Divorce from your TV: this “friend” sitting between you and your life is an addictive opiate, and the most potent mind control stuff.
An average person watches more than 4 hours of TV per day = 28 hours/week = 2 months/year = 9 years of a life (on a 65-year live expectancy).
The direct collateral effect of the great invention of the dishwasher is people not having to spend those terrible hours in the kitchen and the dining room anymore. Over the good old washing up with your spouse, talking and smiling to one another after diner – boring – just toss it all in the dish washer and dive right back in your coach, the parallel universe of your TV. The same goes for the microwave oven only before diner.

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